Thursday, September 18, 2008


Initially I was excited to be learning about podcasts as I often hear radio broadcasters alluding to them and wondered what they were??......sounded rather mysterious etc etc!
However I haven't had a great experience with them so far! I seem to have spent more time on this exercise than the others just trying to work out how they work!
I think I was expecting a YouTube type experience rather than a listening to a radio type format.
Podnova's top 40 seemed more user friendly. I clicked on to to the NPR News site which brought up lots of news items which were all dated in August which seemed old news. I then clicked onto the link at the bottom of 'Michelle Obama: family is focus of Denver speech' which brought me into lots of up to date world news sites and RSS's as well as lots of topic feeds of such things as book and film reviews etc.
I guess reporters and journalists know their way around and find lots of useful titbits but by the end of this exercise I thought there were quicker and more accessible ways of finding what you want elsewhere!

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Finding and subscribing to podcasts can be a bit tricky sometimes. Did you see the helpful instructions in the comment at the end of Exercise 19? Radio NZ also have some good podcasts if you want to spend some more time looking (listening) at podcasts.