Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bebos, Facebooks and My Spaces!

I was a bit limited in this exercise as I really didn't want to join any of them - consequently Facebook was out of bounds!
The Library Bebo sites were interesting, I liked both the Ak and Rotorua sites, I guess the purpose of them is to attract the younger audience to the Library websites (I wouldn't use them myself!) It would be good to get some statistical information at some stage to see how many hits these sites get and do they affect/improve or not our Library services.
My Space was user friendly with lots of different sites to access - Find friends, music, Top schools etc etc.
What do I think of these online communities??
I have no desire to join them but my daughter uses them and she is often updating me on news from her friends all around the world. I've looked at a nephews site and chuckled at his photos and what he has written.
The amount of personal stuff can be scary............ and the photos too...... !! but if used sensibly then they are just another form of communicating, finding information and learning new experiences.

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