Thursday, September 25, 2008

The learning journey.......

One of the best things for me in doing the 23 things was that I actually had to sit down and investigate and try using these different tools.
For ages I have heard about blogging, wikis, tagging, podcasts etc but haven't been interested or made the time to look. The Web 2.0 programme has made / encouraged me to give it a go and I think this has empowered me in that at least I have some knowledge now of what these things are.
I must admit I gave myself a time limit for each exercise and only did the minimum of what was required - otherwise one could get caught up for hours!!! I also started to lose some interest near the end - I had a 2 week break from it and it was hard to get motivated again!
Most of the exercises were fine (i'ts hard to think back now!) I now have a more open mind about thing like My space and Blogs on Library web sites and it will be interesting to watch developments there.
Many thanks to the team for their time and encouragement.
What's next?


NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

What's next? How about a nice glass (or two) of your favourite Savvyblanc - and we'll join you!

Congratulations on finishing the programme(especially after a 2 week break)! Glad that it has broadened your knowledge of Web 2.0and that you have learnt some new things.

Your blog looks great - well done.

Biblio Chick said...

Congratulations and celebrations! Maybe we should have a little "party" to toast ourselves with the fruit of the vine! We've certainly earned our keep, haven't we? Like you, I am asking, "What now?" Back to reality? Is that possible? I can quite see how people could start preferring the virtual world to the real world - it's easier to control, isn't it?