Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I like to know about what's out there technology wise and the very basics of how to use it but am not interested enough to become engrossed!

Knowledge gives confidence and to now know how to do a blog for example is quite empowering.

However I still haven't ventured into digital cameras, ipods, downloading photos and music.......!
My next wee challenge is to buy a new TV and DVD player - LCDs, plasmas.... the choice and cost is huge! My last TV was 15 years old so things have changed! I'm off to check out the latest Consumer mag!

Librarian Trading Card

All I can say is that one could spend days creating photos, mashups, making your own magazine covers etc. It is quite overwhelming, so much information and lot's of very busy pages!
Too much information for me!
I did have a chuckle at the Librarian Trading Card - but no I'm not up to the challenge of making my own.
Here is one I like:

Monday, July 28, 2008

New York Central Park

Well I can see why people can spend hours on the computer 'Flickring!'
Will I or will I not open a flickr account? - well I haven't got time today but I did 'zoom' around the site for a while.
I tried a key word search (tag) for Central Park and New York which brought up nothing! Then tried central park which brought up thousands - so maybe a tag is a keyword rather than a few keywords?
And New York is all one word.
Here is my link

Sometime in the next year that is where I would like to visit!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Never say never!

How many times have I said this and then backtracked at a later date! A few weeks ago it was Trade Me (yes I'm a late starter!) but then I was looking for a table and chairs and guess what.......! of course I only use it at home!
I've always admired the "oldies" who have kept up with the changing technologies - from ATM machines to email and internet banking and I love watching them at our computers emailing to relatives overseas etc.
Hence I am taking up the challenge of blogging, flickering etc - to stay abreast of the times and test the brain. I would much rather go for a walk, read, coffee, meet friends and drink a glass of savvy...! but then you never know, I might get hooked in.........